Teaching and research
Teaching and research

A summary of the 2006~2011 year papers of the Ministry of Social Sciences
(January 2006 - April 2011)
Description: there are 28 full-time teachers in the Ministry of social sciences. In the five years, 96 papers were published (06 years, 15, 07, 19, 08 years, 29, 09 years, 22 years, 22 years, and years).
A publication and a publishing unit.
1 "the election of academicians of the Central Academy of research in 1948" week second, Nanjing Social Sciences, 2006
2 "enterprise advantage knowledge resource system based on continuous competitive advantage" Yan Bi Sheng's "information magazine" in the fifth phase of 2006
3 "Research on enterprise recessive knowledge resource system" Yan Bi Sheng's "Research on science and technology management" in the seventh phase of 2006
4 "resources" and "ability" of enterprise "" Yan double Sheng's "information magazine" in the tenth phase of 2006
5 "points" advertising slogan are the wind of "applied writing" in 2006 eleventh
6 "on the education of contemporary college students" education and occupation "steel beam" in 2006 tenth
7 view on the current capacity overcapacity in China, the fifteenth phase of Xu Jian's economic forum, 2006
8 "college mental health education curriculum teaching of" Yu "and" high data in 2006 thirty-fourth
9 "benefits and pros and cons of behavioral therapy in children's psychotherapy", Lu Jingping's "cultural and educational materials" in the seventh phase of 2006
10 "thinking on strengthening moral education for college students" Lu Jingping's "literature and education materials" in the eighth phase of 2006
11 "ethical thinking" on sustainable consumption "Xu Jian Guihai essays" in 2006 third
12 "consolidation of the legitimacy of the Communist Party of China" by Xu Jian's Journal of Chongqing College of Post and Telecom in the sixth period of 2006
13 "Enlightenment of new China's rural sports" before the "Cultural Revolution", "the ninth period of 2006" Wang Fang's "university age"
14 "a question that should be grasped in the teaching of Deng Xiaoping's theory" Zhou Lei Ming "Journal of Nantong Shipping College" in the second period of 2006
15 "traditional Chinese medicine in the field of complexity science", Luo Lei, "Chinese medicine newspaper", the fourth phase of 2006
16 "a precious history" King "channel Runian history monthly" in 2007 tenth
17 "Declaration" advertisement in 20s and 30s
Patriotism and the secularization of the "king of Runian" Shi Lin "in 2007 third
18 "bottom-up" - the new concept of the century led by frontier science and technology: rolet "science and technology and dialectics" in the fourth period of 2007
19 "the national government six per cent and golden indemnity bonds of" Tian "" in 2007 sixth Xingrong bimonthly period; the article was "China NPC copy data of modern history" (2009 ninth) reprinted
20 "investigation" of Han railway transportation during the Anti Japanese War "military history research" Tian Rong 2007 fourth
21 "review of the theoretical evolution of the competitive advantage of multinational corporations", Yan Bi Sheng's "Research on science and technology management" in the fourth phase of 2007
22 "the course of Western learning in Japan before the Meiji Restoration" Song Shuqiang's "inheritance" (original "the history of the Party of Guangxi") fifth phase of 2007
23 new concepts of management from complexity science, rolet, Journal of Nanjing University of Finances and Economics, sixth, 2007
24 "occupation and Ethics: the campus culture in Higher Vocational Colleges" to "two steel beam" education and occupation in 2007 fifteenth (first prize for outstanding papers on Ideological and political education of colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province in 2007)
25 "academician Yan Kai's career in charge" Zhou Lei Ming "archives and construction" in the eighth phase of 2007
26 "summary of the academic planning committee of the students of the United States and China", Zhou thundering "information on modern history", No. 115,
Chinese Social Science Press 2007 Edition
27 "is the ancient capital of Nanjing left a vivid portrayal of" Ji Naiwang "southeast culture" in 2007 second
28 "thinking on the positive coping style of the psychological pressure of the poor college students" Lu Jingping's Journal of Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology in the fifth period of 2007
29 "rejuvenating the country in power: the unity of the party's advanced nature and the superiority of the socialist system" Xu Jian "the Journal of the Party School of Shengli Oilfield" in the second period of 2007
30 "the Marx doctrine Chinese history of ethnic minorities in the process of" Xu Jian "Guihai essays" in 2007 third
31 "thinking about the education of honor and Dishonor for young people" Xu Jian "Journal of Xinxiang teachers' College" in the third period of 2007
32 "the practice of college part-time counseling team to explore the construction of" Zhuangzheng wind "" Pharmaceutical Education in 2007 second
33 "occupation education occupation education: crack" reef "weapon" steel beam "Nanjing Industrial School Journal" in 2007 first
34 "drug cultural exploration" Wang Fang "pharmaceutical education" in the first phase of 2007
35 "on her and guangfuhui" week thunder journal "2008 first" chuanshan. It contained in the "Zhejiang School, Qiu Jin, Shaoxing people's Publishing House in 2007 version of".
36 "on the vulnerable groups of ethical relief" steel beam "Journal of Henan Normal University (PHILOSOPHY AND SOCIAL SCIENCES EDITION) 2008 first (NPC press copy" Ideological Political Education "in 2008 fifth 2008 fifth full-text included)
37, a world tour of the history of the Republic of China. The Central Academy of Sciences participated in the beginning of the International History Association. Zhou Lei, "the study of history of history", second issue in 2008, "Tenth points of literature and history knowledge" in 2008.
38 "Cai Yuanpei is" in order one week into "the Zhejiang files" in 2008 6
39 Joseph Needham and the Central Institute of research on the third phase of the Republic of China's archives of the Republic of China in 2008
40 "the great significance of the editors of Mao Zedong", "the great significance of the six years", Zhou Lei Zhou thundering the eighth phase of Nanjing Social Science in 2008
41 "interpretation of three environmental impact assessment", rolet's "theoretical frontier", phase twenty-fourth, 2008
42 "analysis of logic philosophy of game theory semantics", Dong Gao's "quest" in the tenth period of 2008
43 "Application of complex thinking in postmodernist philosophy" Dong Gao's "theoretical circle" in 2008