The Department of Social Sciences in 2018 received outstanding graduates recommended exemption for a master's degree graduate student admission, the implementation of the work programme
The Department of Social Sciences in 2018 received outstanding graduates recommended exemption for a master's degree graduate student admission, the implementation of the work programme
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According to the "China Medicine University 2018 receive outstanding graduates exemption to pursue post-graduate master's degree constitution", to ensure that the Department of Social Sciences, pushing the avoidance of admission retest to carry out scientific work fair, transparent, smooth and orderly, combined with the actual situation of the Department of Social Sciences, Department of social Sciences "formulated in 2018 to receive outstanding graduates of master degree postgraduate recommendation second, the admission plan".
First, the principle of reexamination
Strict implementation of "School of China Medicine University in 2018 to receive outstanding graduates of master degree postgraduate exemption regulations", adhere to the people-oriented, and earnestly safeguard the postgraduate enrollment fair, to further promote information disclosure, strengthen supervision and management, promote the healthy development of postgraduate enrollment.
Two, re examination organization management
1, the establishment of Ideological and political education major push and exempt graduate enrollment leadership group, responsible for organizing the Ministry of social sciences to push and exempt postgraduate enrollment.
Leader: Zhang Fuzhen Wang Runian
Team members: Zhou Leiming Dong Gaowei Wang Jianzhan Yan Ji Naiwang twins
Secretary: Wang Yaping Liu Haiquan
2, the leading group "in accordance with the enrollment of China Medicine University in 2018 to receive the outstanding graduates of master degree postgraduate exemption regulations" the relevant requirements, organize experts to obtain the applicant qualification reexamination of the exemption.
Three, push and exempt conditions
1, to uphold the leadership of the Communist Party of China, with good moral and political qualities, to abide by the law, and to be physically and mentally healthy.
2, during the period of school, all sides showed good performance, strong interest in academic research, strong sense of innovation, innovation and professional ability, and possessed the potential and foundation for postgraduate training.
3, 2018 the undergraduate colleges recommended exemption qualifications, and graduate cum public information management and service system in the "national exemption recommend outstanding college graduates" (hereinafter referred to as "push free service system) to complete the registration of outstanding graduates.
4. The major of Ideological and political education is to receive 3 people.  According to the number of recipients, the number of candidates for re examination is 5.
Four. Enrolment
The applicant may in September 20, 2017 before landing our push avoidance registration system (URL: register prediction, our school will arrange the interview, receive priority priority.
All applicants who have obtained the qualification from the school shall be registered in the Ministry of education's push and exemption service system (website: from September 28, 2017.
I drew up the first batch of retest before September 26th, will be through the push free service system as well as the telephone and SMS timely to send interview candidates through the audit, push the avoidance shall be within 4 hours of "push free service system in reply, do not agree or not reply, as a waiver of the qualification examination.
Five, re examination
The reexamination is divided into two parts: research writing ability test and interview. Each part takes up 100 points. The final reexamination result is the scientific writing ability test result * 40%+ interview score 60%.
After the final examination, the examinees fill in the volunteer form of the tutor. Each candidate can fill in 2 tutors at most, and choose whether to obey the adjustment.
In the second examination stage, the qualified line (60 points) of the re examination results is drawn, and the candidates who have not reached the qualified line are not accepted. The candidates who have reached the qualified line are ranked from high to low in accordance with the results of the re examination, and the number of candidates to be accepted is determined according to the number of receiving and pushing and exempting the birth control plan.
According to the results of re assessment, to determine to push the avoidance of reception, I through the push free service system to fill the assessment results, and send to the admission notice "to the candidates, candidates available at admission and retest results, and shall after receipt of the notification within 4 hours" push free service system "confirmed" the admission notice, once confirmed irrevocable. In the prescribed time, the student who does not confirm the "notice to be accepted" is regarded as abandoning the qualification of the specialty.
The examinee can only agree to accept one professional admissions notice of one admissions unit. Once the candidates are admitted, they are not allowed to fill in the other voluntary and accept all kinds of notifications.
Physical examination requirements: the school pushes and exempts the students from the unified organization of the school for physical examination.  The school in pushing the avoidance of receiving the admission notice, in October 22nd since September 1, 2017 shall be issued by the hospital entrance examination report submitted to the graduate school admissions office to review the record, or it will not be accepted.
Before October 24th, the Department of Social Sciences website to the public list of candidates admitted, publicity time of not less than 10 working days.
Seven, tuition and award policy
According to the Ministry of education and the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, the requirements of the relevant documents, all included in the new student enrollment on 2018 national graduate enrollment plan is required to pay tuition fees in accordance with the regulations, our school graduate tuition fee: 8000 yuan / academic / academic year, 10000 yuan / degree / year.
Pushing the avoidance of admission to our university in 2018, the first year in general can be directly obtained a master of academic scholarship (8000 yuan), particularly good push avoidance (from the universities of "985 Project" push the avoidance of or from the universities of "211 Project", the recommendation link comprehensive scores of the top 1% of the push avoidance) can be obtained directly the Grand Master of academic scholarship (12000 yuan). Academic scholarships can be applied for the second, third academic year according to the relevant detailed rules and regulations.
In 2018, our school received the promotion and exemption of students in the normal school system to enjoy the state grants, the standard is 6000 yuan / student / school year.
According to the policy of the graduate student assistance system in our school, the promotion and exemption of students in our school in 2018 may also be related to the normal school system.