An expert lecture was held in the Academy of academic weekly Social Sciences in 2017
An expert lecture was held in the Academy of academic weekly Social Sciences in 2017
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In the afternoon of November 9, 2017, Professor Huang Mingli, a doctoral supervisor of Marx School of Hohai University, made a lecture entitled "don't forget your mind, remember your mission -- the nineteen spirit reading" in the 801 conference room of the executive building. The lecture was chaired by Cai Fuqiang, deputy director of the Department of social sciences.
Professor Huang Mingli analyzed the basic ideas and framework of the nineteen reports and the characteristics of the language and the way of narration, and introduced the historical transformation of the party and the national cause in the past five years and the great significance of its historic achievements. Professor Huang also deeply analyzes the connotation and the characteristics of the new era, pointed out that the "new era" of China's development in the new historical period, is a historical concept of macro, is Chinese unique concept of time, the expression is the realization of "two one hundred year struggle target Chinese confidence. Professor Huang also pointed out that "the era of peace and development" has not changed. China is in the greatest developing position in China, and we are still in the primary stage of socialism. Referring to the changes of the main contradictions in China, Prof. Huang has made an in-depth analysis of the changes and significance of the major social contradictions in China from the perspectives of historical materialism, Marx's theory of human nature, openness and development of human needs, productivity and production relations.
After the lecture, Professor Huang exchanged with the teachers and students of the Department of social sciences. From the perspective of academic research, he provides teachers with selected topics that need to be studied deeply in the nineteen major reports.
Huang Mingli, professor at the Marx Institute of Hohai University, doctoral tutor, part-time "Journal of Hohai University (NATURAL SCIENCE EDITION) (CSSCI) deputy editor, vice president of the Jiangsu Provincial Institute of ethics, vice president of Jiangsu province Marx Theory Research Association, Jiangsu province citizen moral development and people's modernization research base, chief expert, Jiangsu province Marx theory key academic leaders. In the "Marx doctrine", "research", "academic monthly jianghaiacademic journal" and other publications published more than 180 papers. We presided over 4 projects of the National Social Science Fund, and chaired 5 key projects of the Jiangsu social science fund and the general project plan.