Ideological and Political Education (030505) Master's program
Ideological and Political Education (030505) Master's program
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The specialty of ideological and political education is a discipline that uses Marxist theories and methods to study people's formation and development of ideology and morality and the law of ideological and political education and cultivate people's correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. China Pharmaceutical University, the main characteristic of the ideological and political education is "two combinations", that is, the combination of ideological and political theory and ideological and political work; the general ideological and political education and the pharmaceutical industry ideological and political education combined.
First, training objectives and requirements
The major aims to cultivate our country's socialist construction, especially pharmaceutical institutions and the pharmaceutical industry needs a certain pharmacy-based, unique, high-quality ideological and political education research and management of specialized personnel.
Specific requirements are:
1. To fully master the basic principles of the theoretical system of Marxism, Mao Zedong Thought and socialism with Chinese characteristics, have firm Marxist beliefs and the ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics, support the party's leadership, love the motherland, observe law and discipline, and have excellent moral qualities.
2, a comprehensive grasp of the theory and method of ideological and political education, are familiar with the formation of the law, the law of development and ideological and political education, with a certain degree of scientific research ability.
3, familiar with the ideological and political education in the pharmaceutical industry content, characteristics and laws, understand a certain basic knowledge of pharmacy.

  4, proficiency in more than one foreign language, and can read professional foreign materials, to understand the latest developments in the discipline.
5, with strong ability of computer applications, capable of teaching and research related to the subject, party and government, mass organizations, student education and management.

Second, training years and time distribution
1, training years: 3 years.
Graduate students should complete their studies within the prescribed time limit.
To complete the training plan prior to the study content, published in the publication of qualified academic papers, master's degree dissertation can apply for graduation, but the graduate school time of not less than two years, the same academic who can not apply for early graduation.
If due to objective reasons, you can not complete the study plan on time, you must apply three months in advance by the graduate student, the tutor agreed, and fill in the "graduate postgraduate thesis and dissertation defense application" after the approval of the Graduate School can be extended without delay or prior Postponed after approval, to extend the period of self-care funds.
Second, the time allocation:
Degree course time of about 1 year, scientific research and writing papers for 2 years.
    The first year of completion of basic ability courses, methodological courses, professional core courses and technical skills courses. In the second and third semesters, under the guidance of instructors, the project design, consult the literature, combined with the report on the mid-term examination and completion of scientific research training courses, into the research. The fourth, fifth and sixth semesters continue and complete the dissertation research, writing papers, graduation reply.
Third, guidance
The training of graduate students to implement "mentor responsibility system" and "teacher group collective training" a combination of ways. The tutor group consists of three or three master's degree mentors and associate professors and professors (or equivalent professional title) of the subject and related disciplines. According to the training plan, combining with the actual situation of the individual characteristics and scientific research tasks of the graduate students, the tutors develop the graduate training plan, Division of labor guidance.