Shuangsheng Yan
Shuangsheng Yan
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Key Information

Male, doctor, associate professor,

Nanjing University postdoctoral fellow,

Young and middle-aged key teacher of Jiangsu province

Young and middle-aged key academic leader of Jiangsu province

Education background

Graduated from Anhui Universitymajoringin English in 1990.

Graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1996 and received a master's degree of Philosophy (Philosophy of science and Technology)

Graduated from business School of Hohai University in 2009 with a doctorate in management (technical economics and management).

Visiting experience

Academic visitor in September 2013-September 2014 at the "Science, Technology and Innovation Studies" (STIS) in University of Edinburgh, UK

The current position

A master supervisor in Social Science Department andInternational Business School in China Pharmaceutical University

The main award:

Won the provincial one prize of outstanding papers, more than 10 items of second prizes and third prizes, Won the "excellent teacher" title of China Pharmaceutical University.

Hosting projects and participating in:

A provincial project "Research on Chinese drug innovation model under the background of globalization"

The "12th Five-Year" planed project of Jiangsu Province Education Science "the theoretical and practical research on the evaluation index of the practical teaching of Ideological and political theory in medical colleges and universities", and  the other 5 items.

Participate in the National Natural Science Foundation project "entrepreneur social capital, strategic process and business performance."

Participated in the Jiangsu Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Fund ---“Chinese knowledge innovation" key projects.

Presided over the "China's pharmaceutical brand strategy research" and other 6school-level projects

To guide and participate in the national innovation pilot project "The relevance of drug policy and drug innovation in the UK and its implications for China's drug innovation"

Guiding and participating in Jiangsu Provinceacademic degree graduate student innovation projects "A study on Pharmaceutical responsible innovation"

Guidance and participation in innovative experimental projects of college students "biopharmaceutical innovation ability evaluation index system"

Published papers:

Independent or first author published more than 30 papers, of which CSSCI retrieved more than 10 papers.


Published a monograph--- "A study on MNCs global knowledge management model", Southeast University Press, 2011.

Main teaching and research areas:

Mainly engaged in Marxist theory and management, sociology teaching and research work.

Major research interests or expertise:

Ethics of science and technology and innovation ethics, innovation management

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