Wang Runian
Wang Runian
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    Professor Wang Runian, social science director. In 1988 graduated from Beijing Normal University Department of history. He obtained a master's degree in history from Suzhou University in 2000 and a doctorate in history from Shanghai Normal University in 2004. 2004 -2007 in East China Normal University history postdoctoral research station.

    Mainly undertake the "Outline of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History", "Principles of Political Science", "Introduction to Western Thoughts" and other undergraduate, postgraduate teaching work. The courses taught are very much loved by students and have been rated as excellent in the student evaluation activities organized by the Academic Affairs Office in the calendar year. In 2010, the students were the most popular teachers in the "Wu Wu Wu Shi" activities organized by students spontaneously. The course entitled "Compendium of Modern and Contemporary History of China" in 2013 was recommended as a wonderful lesson list by the Academic Affairs Office. In teaching reform and guidance student papers and other aspects of access to various awards.
She has long been engaged in the research on the history of Chinese modern and ideological and cultural history, the study of Chinese modern and contemporary intellectuals, the writing of three monographs and dozens of theses in the field of scientific research. Among them, the academic monograph Imagination of Desire: Cultural History Studies of Advertisements in the Period of 1920-1930 Two boarded the "China Book Review" list, at home and abroad have a wide range of influence, many invited to participate in international academic conferences.
    At present, he is a member of the Board of Directors of Marxism Research Society of Jiangsu Province, a member of the panel of jury members of Jiangsu University Debating Contest, and a member of the Board of Governors of "Light of Love".